Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Q-Card App do?

The Q-Card App supports users to make requests for all B2B online purchases and allows to pay for them with one-time released virtual credit card after the approval limits you have set in advance.

What are virtual cards (Q-Cards)?

Virtual Q-Cards are one-time prepaid credit cards that can be requested by employees who want to place orders online.

Is Q-Card a real creditcard?

The virtual Q-Card is a full-fledged credit card with card number, validity date, CVC code and verification code that can be used worldwide. Q-Card is supported by Adyen, the largest payment service provider in Europe and active worldwide.

Where can I use the virtual Q-Cards?

Q-Card supports card issuing for virtual VISA cards and Mastercards that are accepted worldwide by all major online payment systems. With Q-Card's extensive worldwide coverage, you can also pay in any currency.

Can I match AP invoices and financial information to my Q-Card?

All data from the purchase transaction can be automatically forwarded to your ERP or accounting system through integration, including coding details, expense category, attachments, etc.

Do I have to transfer money to my account before I can use Q-Card?

Q-Card's virtual cards are comparable to debit cards that are pre-financed by you. The financing of your Q-Cards is done in the Q-Card App from your underlying business bank account(s).

How safe is Q-Card?

With Q-Card you can set up your own checkpoints and real-time authorizations to manage your online expenses. Q-Card complies with built-in global regulations and compliance standards.

Does Q-Card support 3DS?

The virtual Q-Card supports the 3D Secure authentication protocol for the verification of card-not-present (CNP) transactions.

How does Q-Card deals with personal data?

The Q-Card App securely handles personal data, such as name, e-mail and mobile number, which are linked to the users in order to make requests and to use the 3D secure authentication and single sign-on.

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