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Your virtual B2B payment card with authorization

Is the number of business purchases that have to be paid online increasing? Do you share business credit cards with your employees to avoid having to declare personal expenses? Do you lose a lot of time at the end of the month to find out who made which purchases, where the receipts are and who must approve them? If you have answered these questions with a ‘yes’, you are all set for a smarter payment solution!

Q-Card for:

Safe and controlled

The Q-Card App offers companies the possibility to request one-time credit cards by employees who want to place orders.  A virtual credit card with card number, validity date, CVC code and verification code confirmation that can be used worldwide. Anyone can request a card in 2 steps via the app that is pre-approved in the way you have set it up. After approval, the card is active and can be used from a wallet until the validity date. The booking data is immediately registered and automatically processed for accounting. Q-Card is powered by Adyen, the largest payment service provider in Europe and active worldwide.

Efficient and economical

Save time with pre-coded expenses by cost type, cost center and possibly with associated ledger code and project number. After all, the authorization process is already guaranteed in advance. Problems with corporate cards and monthly statements that require finding out where they come from and how to book them are issues of the past. Employee declarations with retrospective approval can be minimized. Q-Card offers a clear online insight into the status of all payment requests and their processing. The app can also automatically deliver transactions in your accounting system without you having to create and manage al incidental suppliers in your system. You pay minimal transaction costs that are transparent and are charged at the end of the month based on actual use. A big saving compared to a business credit card from your bank. And if something goes wrong? We process your ‘dispute’  with Adyen and you keep track of the settlement and the refund. This also applies to refunds that have been made, but for which the supplier is unable or partially unable to deliver.

How does the Q-Card App work?

Step 1: Create a purchase request

Via the Q-Card App, the employee can easily submit a request for an online, one-time or irregular purchase of a product or service via the predefined structured workflow. The request is automatically forwarded to the responsible team or authorized representative who can view and approve or reject the request via the Approval App.

Step 2: Start to spend

As soon as the request has been approved, the employee will immediately receive a notification and can use the linked virtual card from his wallet directly via the Q-Card App. When completing the order, the proof of order is added immediately.

Step 3: Keep track of transactions

All transactions are available via the Q-Card App. Centralized and integrated reporting with your financial systems gives you greater control and visibility over all indirect business expenses.

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