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You want to efficiently manage budgets and plan costs. Yet there is a category of payments that is time-consuming, risky and difficult to process: all online payments with credit cards. You probably prefer to pay by invoice, but creating orders and creditors is also time-consuming and more and more is simply paid online. Your employee declaration system also has limitations and you always have to approve expenses afterwards, which makes it difficult to reverse them. The shared use of all business credit cards is a fraud risk that will only increase and remains a time-consuming task to bring all the receipts to the surface.

What are your benefits?

  • Authorization of payments in advance and according to the rules you have defined (compliance, SOD)

  • Reducing the use of plastic corporate cards and shared numbers

  • Reducing private advances by employees with retrospective control

  • Pre-coding and automatic booking of every transaction

  • Customized payment based on current cash flows

  • Reducing the number of vendors in the ERP system and associated maintenance if this does not add value

  • Checking the coding of VAT and increasing the refundable VAT from online spend

  • Real-time transactions visibility

  • Secure settlement and dispute settlement via Adyen

  • Much cheaper and safer than plastic cards

  • Easy management of cards and applicants via Single Sign-On possible

Donate a tree for free with Q-Card!

Experience the ease of Q-Card virtual cards in just a few steps by donating a tree for free! All you need to do is:

  1. Fill out the form below and receive an e-mail to activate the Q-Card App.

  2. Send a request through the Q-Card App for a one-time donation of €10,00.

  3. Our team will review and approve your request.

  4. Upon approval, you can use your Q-Card to donate to Trees for All.

  5. Upload the payment receipt for your donation in the app.

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