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How can I add a Q-Card to my phone wallet?

Within the Q-Card app, reveal the card information and copy the card number to your clipboard. Within your digital phone wallet, click “+” for adding a new card.

Apple: Select “Debit or Credit Card”, next choose ”Different Card”, next choose “Continue”, then either scan the Card information from your browser or enter this manually by pasting the card number, enter the expiration/valid thru date and the 3 digit CVC code. Next, choose the preferred option of receiving the 6 digit card verification code: either SMS or via Email.

Android: Select “Payment Card”, next choose ”New Credit or Debit Card”, next choose “Save and Continue” , read the Issuer Terms and tap “Accept”. Then enter the card number manually by pasting the card number, enter the expiration/valid thru date and the 3 digit CVC code, followed by adding your address information. Next, choose the preferred option of receiving the 6 digit card verification code: either SMS or via Email.

Note: If you choose SMS, the 6 digit verification code will be sent to your phone number that was set under your 3DS information.

I added my Q-Card to my phone wallet but did not receive a code.

When adding your Q-Card to a digital wallet, you will need to enter your password and a one-time pin code that is sent to either your phone number or your email address. In case you do not receive the code, please open the 3D Secure settings in the Q-Card app and review your phone number. In case you have forgotten your password, you can also edit your password. Redo the steps to add your Q-Card to your digital wallet and the code should now be received. Once validated, the card is successfully added to their wallet.

Further information for the Google wallet can also be found under this link.

How can I select the Q-Card in the digital wallet as my payment instrument instead of using my preferred pay solution?

Google wallet: You can tap and pay with other cards that aren't your default card. Open the Google Wallet app . At the top, on your card, swipe from the right edge of the screen to left until you find the card that you want to use. Hold the back of your phone against the payment terminal.

Apple wallet: To use a different card, tap your default card to see your other cards. Tap a new card and authenticate. Hold the top of your iPhone near the contactless reader until Done and a checkmark appear on the display.

How can I pay with the Q-Card in contactless point of sale situations?

Please ensure that you have added your Q-Card to your digital phone wallet. When being asked to pay, please open the Q-Card in your phone wallet (Apple or Google wallet) and hold or tap the card on a contactless-enabled card reader. Do not try to pay with the Q-Card from the Q-Card mobile application directly. The payment must be done from the digital wallet.

I cannot see the keyboard when opening the Q-Card application.

Please close the application and reopen it again.

The merchant does not accept the payment method.

Some merchants might refuse the Q-Card payment method (e.g. Albert Heijn). In this case, the merchant is informing you that the payment method is not allowed but you also will not see any refused transaction in the Q-Card application. Please contact

The payment is refused due to an invalid input expiry date check.

When entering the credit card information, please ensure you are entering the “Valid thru” date as the expiration date. Make sure that you do not use the “Active until” date.

Can I add my Q-Card to my PayPal account?

No, the Q-Card cannot be added to the personal PayPal Account.

Can I use my Q-Card in different countries?

Yes, you can use the Q-Card in other countries. Only a list of limited countries are refused. For a full list of refused country codes, please reach out to

Can I use my Q-Card in different currencies?

Yes, you can use the Q-Card in different currencies as well. The payment will be issued in Euro and conversion of the currencies is done on Adyen side.

Where is it not possible to pay with my Q-Card?

Per default, you cannot use the Q-Card in the following merchant categories such as Money Transfer, Jewerly, Art Dealers, Gambling, Charitable Social Service Organizations, Civic, Social, and Fraternal Associations, Political Organizations, Religious Organizations or Government-Owned Lotteries. For a full list of refused merchant categories, please reach out to

Where can I add payment receipts?

The payment receipts can be added in the application itself. It is easiest to open the Q-Card app on the mobile device and naviagte to the third tab which holds the individual transactions. In there, a picture can be uploaded or taken.

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